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Hair fall dry hair
Hair Fall - Dry Hair

Regular Price: Rs.4,335.00

Special Price: Rs.3,034.50

Hair Fall - Oily Hair
Hair Fall - Oily Hair

Regular Price: Rs.2,390.00

Special Price: Rs.1,673.00

Hair Fall Normal Hair
Hair Fall - Normal Hair

Regular Price: Rs.4,230.00

Special Price: Rs.2,961.00

Anti Dandruff Pack
Anti Dandruff

Regular Price: Rs.2,678.00

Special Price: Rs.1,874.60

Treated hair and Hair Fall
Treated Hair & Hair Fall

Regular Price: Rs.2,565.00

Special Price: Rs.1,795.50

Oily Face
Oily Face

Regular Price: Rs.4,982.00

Special Price: Rs.3,487.40